The KVFD Carnival Bracelet


      Many of you have already been introduced to our Carnival Bracelet... For those of you who haven't seen or heard about our special icon bracelet, this is our history. The Carnival Bracelet was designed by staffer Troy Robertson...
"Being a native to the Northern Neck, repair specialist Troy Robertson has the same connection and heart for giving back to the community as we at Burkes Fine Jewelers do.

Troy wanted to design a piece that represents one of the Northern Neck's longest standing traditions, the Kilmarnock Volunteer Fire Deptarment Carnival. The charm bracelet depicts all of the staples of the Carnival; The Ferris Wheel (Big Eli), a BINGO card, French Fries, a Carousel Horse, and the badge of the KVFD. We are so excited to add this piece to our Northern Neck Icon Collection. Every year the last weekend in July, the men and women from the KVFD gear up to host the Carnival. It’s an event for all generations and for the ones that grew up here and moved away, coming home to take their children is a highlight of their life.

“The carnival brings back so many memories over the years of my life that I really just wanted to create something that represented that… It’s a piece of nostalgia” says Troy Robertson. 


The starter bracelet with the Ferris Wheel is $85.00. The complete bracelet is $250.00.
20% of all proceeds will be given back to the Kilmarnock Volunteer Fire Department."