Remount Your Rock


Resetting your original engagement ring can help to celebrate a major milestone in your relationship or maybe you are just ready to give your ring a new look. There are so many different ways to give your diamond ring a new look when you are ready to reset it. From changing the diamond, to upgrading the setting, the possibilities are endless.

1. Adding accents

1 carat solitaire w accents.jpg

To give your diamond ring a more subtle upgrade, consider adding diamond accents on the side of your center stone. One easy way to do this is to switch the band to a setting that has diamond accents on the side. 

2. Add more diamonds

If you want to upgrade the amount of diamonds on your ring, another solution is to make your current ring a three-stone diamond ring. The extra stones that you add can be medium to small sized diamonds so that your ring now has a bigger look. 

3. Get a larger center stone

One easy way to reset or upgrade your diamond ring is to replace your center stone with a larger diamond. This is a fairly straight forward approach, but may give you the look that you've always dreamed of.  

4. Add a halo

If you want to give your ring a different look all together you should consider adding a halo of diamonds around your center stone. It will give some extra sparkle to the ring.

It can be difficult to let go of something with so much personal value attached to it, but we can help guide you toward the best option for what to do with your piece. Don’t hesitate to visit us, give us a call, or shoot us an email!