Jameson's Pick of the Week

This week's Staff Pick of the Week comes from our Sales Expert, Jameson Crandall. He has been admiring this set ever since it hit the showroom floor. One of Jameson's favorite things about this set is that it's a one of a kind! How much more special can it get?


Recently discovered in late 2015, the Lotus Garnet is found in Northern Tasmania. 

Lotus Garnet comes in a unique pinkish nude color making it similar to Morganite and the rare Padparadscha sapphire, but with more vibrant rose undertones. Lotus Garnet are best viewed in sunlight and have a slight red fluorescence which can give the appearance of color change.

Our Lotus Garnet set includes a stunning modern set ring that is rose gold with both round and pear shaped Lotus Garnet surrounded with Diamonds. The matching pendant holds a 1.5 carat pear shaped pear shaped lotus garnet with a diamond halo in rose gold. 

"The lotus garnet set is my favorite because the rarity and color of the stones combined with the artistic, modern and elegant settings create a set unlike anything I've ever seen in the fine jewelry world" said Jameson.


Lotus Garnet Ring.png