A Redesign Story


Leslie Garland walked through our door with a busted wedding band, her mother-in-law's diamond tennis bracelet, and a vision.

She and her husband, Allen, had just recently celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary when Leslie slammed her hand in a porch door. Sadly, it bent and cracked her wedding band.




*super hero music*

Mrs. Garland... to the rescue!

Leslie's mother-in-law swooped in and saved the day offering Leslie her diamond tennis bracelet to use to create a custom wedding band. Knowing she would be using family diamonds in her new custom wedding band made the sting of replacing her original band a little less harsh.

After many hours and days of perusing Google, Pinterest, and other sites to gather ideas for her band, Leslie gathered her belongings and made the trip to Burkes Fine Jewelers for a custom consultation. 


After much thought, Leslie decided to go with a classic eternity band made of white gold and her mother-in-law's diamonds. One day, she plans to add a matching band to her bridal set using some of the remaining diamonds.

We think she made the perfect decision! Her new eternity band will never, ever go out of style.

Thanks for choosing Burkes Fine Jewelers, Leslie!